Program Type

  • Customized Programs
  • Pre-designed Programs

Learner Level/Type

  • Individual Business executives
  • Group of Business executives

Mode of Learning

  • In-Person Learning
  • Online Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Magna Programs unlocks the quantum of elements that will equip you with an extensive compass toolkit of learning, an extensive framework of strategic and actionable tools that can be applied to your business(es).
  • A unique learning methodology to elevate the ABCDs of your leadership journey (Awareness, Balance, Creativity and Design) frameworks.
  • You will graduate with improved reflective approach to situations, insightful clarity and tools to use for you and your team on strategy, execution and decision-making.
  • Magna cohorts who participate in the program use a platform that connects executives, owners, and entrepreneurs with the most relevant and curated networks in Magna ecosystem to best match their industry, individual and enterprise needs.


  • During each lesson, you will have the opportunity to build close, trusting relationships with a small, diverse group of senior executives who understand your challenges—but are not part of your organization.
  • Your study group will stimulate your learning each day as you: Share global insights with peer executives who span functions, cultures, and countries
  • Consider diverse perspectives as you discuss cases and assignments
  • Complete small group exercises and collaborate on projects as a team
  • Exchange feedback—both personal and professional—in a safe environment
  • Our distinctive coaching method is highly integrated into the program to accelerate both individual and team growth.
  • Individual coaching sessions and facilitated team meetings will help you develop your unique leadership style and create a personal action plan for ongoing development.
  • All sessions are strictly confidential, giving you the freedom to share your personal goals and professional challenges.

Core learning themes

Creation, Acceleration, and Transition
  • The program is conducted to cover extensive topics across three core themes of a business: Creation, Acceleration and Transition.
  • Purpose of each theme is to cover the topics that range from bringing a leader's self-awareness to the process of creation/inception phase of a business, the expansion/acceleration growth of a business and transition/succession of a business with real-world business examples and research backed study material.
  • By the end of each themed topic, you will be able to better understand and assess yourself as a individual and team player, a reflective leader, frameworks to think in ink (R)
  • The program tools help you understand the key elements that are contributing to the success of your business, and the key roadblocks and blind spots that are impeding progress.
  • You will get an idea how to plan for long term and also implement short term initiatives to make your organization and your team to be "learning evolving adapting"
  • You will be able sharpen decision-making, strategy, innovation, negotiation, measurement, and communication skill
  • You will be able to apply frameworks to assess how to evaluate new opportunities, measure existing ones and plan transition of mature ones (people and business lines)
  • You can absorb, reflect, and apply growth strategies across sales, operations, technology and brand (personal and professional)
  • You will be able to expand the horizons beyond current landscape and build complementary business lines to propel business growth.
  • You will be able "document your own inner strengths, opportunities and growth models" to walk out a life-long learning, reflective leader.